Wayne Season 2: Release Date, Plotline, & Cast Detail

Wayne Season 2: Release Date, Plotline, & Cast Detail

Since its 2019 debut on YouTube Premium, “Wayne” has been the ultimate underdoes, both on and off the screen. The show is about an angry teen named Wayne (Mark McKenna), who goes on a dangerous road trip with his girlfriend Del (Ciara Bravo) to get his dead father’s Pontiac Trans-Am. It’s a wild, foul-mouthed ride that starts to feel like someone placed a John Green book and “Dirty Harry” in a blender, and people loved it. It was never because there weren’t enough fans. Instead, “Wayne” was kicked out of his home because YouTube stopped making scripted originals.

Then, in November 2020, Amazon Prime bought the streaming rights to Season 1 of “Wayne,” giving the show a second chance. Since then, more people have seen Wayne and Del’s amazing road trip, and those same people want more. Amazon hasn’t formally renewed “Wayne” for a season 2 yet, but the show hasn’t been canceled either.

Because of this, the teen drama-comedy, which has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is still in a state of limbo. But “Wayne” creator Shawn Simmons still has big plans for the show, even though Amazon has not yet officially ordered a second season. Read on to learn everything we know so far about a possible second season of “Wayne.”

When will Amazon have Season 2 of Wayne?

Since “Wayne” hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet, there is no information about when it might air. But fans will probably have to wait a long time for new episodes, even if Amazon continues another season. Since Season 1 came out in 2019, all of the actors are busy with other projects.

For example, Mark McKenna is going to be in “One of Us Is Lying,” a Peacock original series that is currently in which before. There will be no second season of “Wayne” until the young actor’s schedule allows it, as there is no “Wayne” without him. Assuming that “One of Us Is Lying” is finished filming this year, McKenna could start filming Season 2 of “Wayne” in the second half of 2021. This would mean that the new season wouldn’t come out until at least the summer of 2022.

And that’s only if Amazon commands a second episode before McKenna as well as the rest of the cast move on to other projects.

Who will be on Wayne if there is a second season?

Again, “Wayne” won’t work without Mark McKenna, so he’ll have to come back if there’s a second season. In the same way, Del is an important part of the story, so Ciara Bravo would also have to be on board. Dean Winters, who plays Del’s dad Bobby, Jamie, and Jon Champagne, who are Del’s twin brothers, Joshua J. Williams, who plays Wayne’s friend Orlando, and Mike O’Malley, who is the principal of Wayne’s school, are also likely to return.

Even though there were a lot of bloody fights in Season 1, all of the main characters made it out alive. It would make sense for most of the original cast of “Wayne” to come back unless there are scheduling conflicts. Also, since Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger and Simmons said that Wayne would go to jail in Season 2, a second season would almost certainly have a lot of new characters.

What would happen in Wayne Season 2?

Simmons is close to the story of “Wayne” because it takes place in Brockton, Massachusetts, where he grew up. So, he’s already written the Season 2 premiere and planned out the rest of the season, even though he doesn’t know yet if Amazon will continue the show or not. In an interview with Inverse that came out in November 2020, the show’s creator talked about what’s next for Wayne and Del.

Simmons said, “I don’t think it says that Wayne is in juvenile detention.” “Del is in a place I won’t say much about, but this season is all about Wayne trying to do the right thing, trying to get Del back and find the peace he deserves.”

Mark McKenna, for his part, would like Season 2 to happen. According to Inverse, he told the showrunner, “The script you write for the first episode of The season 2 is pretty which is best of the “Wayne” saga I’ve read.” “It would just be… nice if I could make it.”

Even though no new episodes of “Wayne” have been hired since 2019, fans shouldn’t give up on this scrappy show just yet. “Wayne” is the only show that can beat the odds and come back after such a long break.

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